Most comprehensive range of valves in the Industry

Flowserve manufactures and services fluid motion control solutions for the world’s toughest, most critical applications. Flowserve’s product range includes Valves, Pumps, Seals, Actuators and many more.
Advance Engineering is an authorized dealer and supplier of Flowserve make Valves and actuators, in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu regions in India.
Flowserve offers one of the most comprehensive lines of valves in the industry. Flowserve valves can be custom engineered to perform specific functions for customers’ unique flow control environments.

Complete range of Flowserve Valves and Actuators we supply

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Our Range

Atomac - Lined Ball Valve

AUTOMAX-Pneumatic Actuators

Durco - Lined Butterfly Valves

Kämmer - Cavitation Solution Control Valves

Logix Digital Positioners

Norbro-Pneumatic Actuators - Rack & Pinion

PMV Digital Positioners

Serck Audco-Lined Butterfly Valves-Slimseal

Serck Audco-Super-H-Plug Valve

Valtek - Linear Globe-Angle Control Valves

WORCESTER - Floating 3 piece Ball Valves