Quality and Innovative dampers for better flow control

Damper Technology Ltd provides expert damper solutions to industry worldwide and has built a reputation for quality, innovation, product reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Damper Technology Limited are an industrial damper manufacturer with over 50 years of experience in providing custom damper solutions with dampers installed on six continents.
Damper Technology offers a wide range of quality damper products including butterfly dampers, louver dampers, flap diverters, stack dampers, poppet valves, and guillotines.
Advance Engineering is channel partner and dealer for damper technology in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
Our spectrum of dampers include
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Valves supplied
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Our Range

Butterfly Damper

Inlet Valve Damper

Stack Dampers

Sealing Air Dampers

Multilouvre Damper

Marine Scrubber Dampers

Guillotine Dampers & Blanking Plates

Acid Plant Damper