Specialized Lubricants and Chemotechnical maintenance products

OKS provides two products, worlds specialty lubricants and chemotechnical maintenance products from a single source. All high-performance products are based on the areas of application and customer requirements.
 Customers from industry, craft, manufacturing and processing industries worldwide appreciate the high quality and reliability of the products. Especially in critical applications and heavy use of systems and machines, friction problems are reduced safely and reliably. 
Advance Engineering is the distributor and dealer of OKS for the Bengaluru area, helping customers to achieve significant cost savings and time saving thereby allowing better manpower utilization.
Complete range of OKS products we supply

Our Range

High Temperature Chain Oil

High Temperature Paste-White

Paste for Food Processing

Antiseize Paste (Copper Paste)

MoX Active Additive

MoS2 Rapid Paste Spray

MoS2 Powder high degree of purity