B-SAFE 300 – Taking filling safety to a new level

B-DETECTION PLUS m is a compact, portable all-in-one solution that gives you the freedom to perform reliable breathing air measurement wherever and whenever you need to.

Like the stationary models, the B-DETECTION PLUS m delivers completely reliable, ultra-precise readings to monitor compliance with DIN EN 12021:2014 limits for CO, CO2, O2 and – optionally – absolute humidity and total oil values (VOC)1.

B-DETECTION PLUS m offers an array of measurement options. The gas sampling unit supplied as standard is used to measure air quality in breathing air cylinders. Optionally, measurement can also be performed directly at the compressor. As a further option, intake air can be measured before it enters the compressor with the optional ambient air pump.

The control unit allows a tailored measurement profile to be selected for measuring air directly from the compressor or air cylinder. If limit values are exceeded, the B-DETECTION PLUS m control unit activates visual alarm signals. Solid legal certainty is ensured by an integrated data logger with SD card function for performing defined individual measurements. These can be read out and displayed separately via an BAUER Excel macro.

The transport case offers IP65-rated protection against dust and water jet ingress and withstands harsh environmental conditions.

Technical data

B-DETECTION PLUS m online breathing air and gas measuring systems
 Carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen (O2), absolute humidity1, VOC1
Maximum system pressure350 bar
Maximum permissible charging rate compressor850 l/min
Permissible operating temperature+5°C… +45°C
CO2Nondispersive infrared spectroscopy (NDIR)
CO, O2electrochemical
Absolute humidityVia dew point
VOC (oil)Photoionization detector (PID)
CO20… 2.000 ppm ± 2.5 % Full scale
CO0 … 25 ppm ± 2 % of measurement range final value
O20 % … 40 % O2 ± 1 % of measurement range final value
Dew-point-70 …+60°C / 10 … 40,000 ppm ± 2°C / 1 ppm + 20% of displayed value
VOC (oil)0 … 1 ppm (based on isobutene as calibration gas)
Operating voltageintegrated: 24 VDC; stand-alone: 100-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Flow rate1.0 … 3.0 l/min
Weight8.9 kg
Dimensions W × H × D [mm]464 x 366 x 180
Visual inspection and leak testMonthly
Functions check 2Min. 3-monthly
System checkAnnually
Calibrationdew point sensor: every 24 months